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The Art of Scandal: Book Review

I have been dying to read this book since I first heard the premise and then even more so once I saw the cover reveal. I was so thrilled to get an ARC of this book!

Wow! I was not disappointed! The setup for this book is incredible: Rachel discovers her husband is cheating on the night of his 40th birthday when he accidentally sends her an explicit text meant for someone else, but since his political career can't afford a divorce in the middle of his campaign, they strike a deal to stay together until the election and she'll walk away with a million dollars.

Meanwhile, she meets Nathan and woo boy is Nathan is the romance hero of our dreams. Besides being wildly good looking, Nathan is so observant and in-tune with Rachel from the moment they met. I fell for him immediately and absolutely loved every moment of their steamy and heartfelt connection.

The secrets in this book kept the tension high throughout and the devious side characters created surprises and conflict at every turn. This book was to impossible to put down and I wish I could read it for the first time all over again. Thank you to Regina Black, NetGalley, and Grand Central for the ARC!

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