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Outline Review

An outline review is a professional critique of your outlined manuscript focused on plot points, pacing, stakes, cause-and-effect relationships and character development.

Includes a 1-2 page edit letter with high-level feedback.


Where You're At

You've outlined your manuscript and want confirmation that you're on the right track before you begin writing.


What You Get

In-line comments and questions to help connect character arcs and plot, plus a 1-2 page edit letter. 

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What It Costs

$95 for up to 5,000 words

(+$0.015/word over 5k)

How It Works

Reach out using the form below and I'll send you a quote and my next available start date. After we book, you'll receive your marked-up outline and edit letter within 2 weeks. Included in this service is a 30-minute chat to discuss my recommendations and brainstorm implementation strategies so you have an action-plan for drafting.

Things to Know

I will never share, reproduce, or publish your work or our conversations in any way without your consent.

I wish I could promise you an agent, a book deal, or Best Seller status because of my edits, but alas, I cannot. 

The market is impossible

to predict.

Payments are accepted through Venmo, PayPal, or Credit Card.

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Ready to Book?

Thanks! I'll be in touch via email!

What People Say
"Alexandra’s skills at developing the big picture while attending to the emotional details that make a story shine were instrumental in polishing the manuscript that helped me win #RevPit in 2022." - Maggie North
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