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Wanderlust: Book Review

I was riveted from the very start of Wanderlust. What a fantastic premise for a book! Our main character, Dylan, wins a radio giveaway for a trip around the world. The only catch--she has to go with a person randomly selected from her contacts. When the DJ calls her new travel partner--who Dylan does not remember--"Jack the Posho" sure remembers her. They met at a night out months ago and he tells the radio audience Dylan never called him back. He had the restaurant selected and everything.

These two set off on a trip around the world, visiting a new city every week while Dylan writes about their travels in hopes of drumming up enough engagement so her editor gives her her own column at the magazine. The adventures in each new country were delightful and this book also deals with some heavy topics like Dylan writing about her own abortion years ago and the online harassment that still follows her.

Jack is a wonderful romance hero who's supportive, sweet, and always in tune with Dylan.

While this book feels like an escapist read, it's also a story about standing up to hate and the power in taking back your voice.

Thank you to NetGalley and Elle Everhart for an advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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