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Choosing an editor is an important decision! You want to feel confident that they understand your goals and your story.


Check out what people are saying about working with me and know I also offer a free 1000-word sample on most offerings to give you a feel for my feedback style.

What People Are Saying

"Alexandra helped me refine my characters' arcs and asked spot-on questions to help me fill in the gaps in my plot. Her comments were so encouraging, thoughtful, and filled with great craft advice."

- Natalie K.

"Alexandra’s skills at developing the big picture while attending to the emotional details that make a story shine were instrumental in polishing the manuscript that helped me win #RevPit in 2022."

- Maggie North

"Alex's developmental edit lifted my manuscript to new heights. In addition, her kind and thorough critiques changed the way I approach plotting. With her insight and keen eye, I was able to see the story in a new way. She truly unlocked the process for me and I will not write a book without her moving forward!"

- Livy

"Alex has an almost supernatural ability to pinpoint goal, motivation, and conflict and ensure it's consistent throughout your manuscript. Her keen eye and ultra-perceptive feedback are invaluable to my process; I couldn't do it without her!"

- Jessica

"Alex takes a detailed, methodical approach to developmental editing that truly helped me see the forest AND the trees. She has a gift for honing in on the vital elements of GMC to make sure you know what it is your characters want and are clear on how they'll get there. Alex's insight not only helped me with my manuscript, but her tools and approach to plot development have stayed with me, strengthening all the projects I work on."

- Sarah

"Critiquing an outline is a learned skill and Alexandra provided great feedback on my opening scenes. She was able to pinpoint character inconsistencies and bring up some issues with GMC that will save me countless hours in the drafting phase. She also provided helpful suggestions with her feedback."

- Lauren B.

Things to Know

I will never share, reproduce, or publish your work or our conversations in any way without your consent.

I wish I could promise you an agent, a book deal, or Best Seller status because of my edits, but alas, I cannot. 

The market is impossible

to predict.

Payments are accepted through Venmo.

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