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Check out what's being said about Alexandra Kiley's 2024 debut, KILT TRIP.

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Apple Books: Spring's Most Anticipated

If you're anything like us, new books coming into the world make you pretty excited. There's plenty to look forward to this spring...

Happy to Meet Cute Podcast

Today we are thrilled to be chatting with debut author Alexandra Kiley! We talk about her new book Kilt Trip, Scotland, plotting and spreadsheets, Taylor, and Bridgerton!

Nerd Daily: Swoonworthy 2024 Romance Book Releases You Need

"Set against the vibrant Scottish countryside, this enchanting romcom features a spicy enemies-to-lovers tale full of clever banter and relatable family dynamics."

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Fangirlish: The 11 Best Romance Books of March 2024

"Read it if: The Scottish accents (and kilts) of Outlander really do it for you, but you prefer a modern setting."

GoodReads: 87 New Debut Novels to Check Out This Season

"Click around through the collection and you’ll find a wide range of options... There’s even a new addition to a microgenre particularly beloved by a section of Goodreads members: hot men in kilts."

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Booklist Q&A: 10 Questions for Alexandra Kiley

Read this Interview with Alexandra Kiley and Booklist's John Charles about her debut KILT TRIP.

Authors and Agents Podcast

Alex and Rose Quinny chat about her debut romance novel KILT TRIP, the hardest part of writing and we even discuss how our kids' snacks end up being our favorite snacks!

Author Interview Series with Jessica Jones Reads

Join us on Jessica Jones Reads where Alexandra shares the inspiration behind her story, the twists of fate that entangle her characters, and the rich, historical tapestry that serves as the backdrop for this riveting tale.

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Harlequin Junkie: Spotlight and Giveaway

Shamelessly addicted to love, laughter and happily ever afters. 

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Culturess: New Romance Books being released in March 2024

These romances are all coming in March so time to update your TBR.

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Decanting Books: Most Anticipated March 2024 Romance New Releases

How’s your 2024 TBR list coming along? Good, bad, or otherwise, you must be ready for some new books if you’re here! And these March 2024 romance new releases hopefully will not disappoint. 

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Fresh Fiction Review: "Transporting Debut Novel"

A beautifully crafted story of a woman finding family again all set in the castles and gorgeous descriptions of the Scottish Highlands. This book makes you want to jump on a plane and fly straight to Scotland.

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The Space Between Us

Explore artwork that captures the subtle connections and meaningful gaps that define the human experience.

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