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Will They or Won't They: Book Review

I loved this book even more than I expected, and I had very high hopes. I've heard such great things about Ava Wilder books and Will They or Won't They absolutely lived up to the hype.

In order to salvage her acting career after her recent movie tanked, Lilah returns to the TV show she left years before for a final season. But she must work with her ex, Shane, again -- a big reason she left the show in the first place -- after their secret affair imploded after the first season. I loved the second-chance trope in this book and how, unlike a lot of other second-chance stories, the couple interacted a lot between their original break up and when the romance started after Lilah's return. There is so much animosity between the two of them because they were exes working closely together for years and the banter was off the charts. They know how to push each other's buttons so well, but over the course of the story, that deep understanding of the other person really lent itself to creating a strong and unbreakable bond between them.

This story was funny, tender, sexy, and so beautifully written. It checked all my boxes for a perfect romance with an interesting plot and strong side character. Highly recommend!

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