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Some Kind of Blunderful Book Review

I've never met a Livy Hart book I didn't love and Some Kind of Blunderful has the same banter, chemistry, and hilarious writing I've come to expect from one of my very favorite authors.

After a blind date gone wrong, Mia finds out Alex is the new hot-shot boss her dad can't stop complaining about. And their best friends are dating. Alex and Mia are thrown together in a romantic comedy of errors that quickly turns these enemies into lovers.

I was hooked from the very line in this story: "The road to Hades is paved with suspiciously hot online dating profiles." Livy's voice and quippy one-liners always make me smile and are some of my favorite things about her writing. The premise of this story was flawless, the friend group and close family made for a shining star supporting cast, and Mia and Alex absolutely shine in their enemies-but-pretending-to-get-along glory.

Five stars from me!

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