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Holiday Vibes: Book Review

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

This is my new holiday classic. You guys, I freaking love this book! I was lucky enough to read this book in it's early early version and have read a few drafts since then. Every time, I am blown away by the emotion, hilarity, and steaminess Sarah brings to her stories.

Set at the Foley's Christmas extravaganza, Jessie Foley would rather drink bad egg nog than spend the holidays under the same roof as the annoyingly good looking actor, Nic Fontana, but making up with her brother requires making nice with his best friend.

A pair of mistletoe underwear spark a sexy encounter and a secret holiday fling, but as the holiday comes to an end, Nic and Jessie will have to come to terms with their complicated past and deeply-buried feelings and decide if they have a future together or only vibes.

So many scenes in this book live rent-free in my mind. The laundry room, the HOT TUB, the igloo. The supporting cast is bonkers and endearing, the leads are feisty and the banter is top notch.

If you're looking for a fun and hot holiday romance, look no further. Holiday Vibes delivers!!

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