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Plot Twist Book Review

Let's start with the premise of this book. I adored the idea of a romance writer who's never been in love, and to work through her writer's block, she decides to reach out to all her exes to see if they have the answer to her question: why can't I say "I love you?"

I also loved that Dash wasn't one of the exes in this trope. He's the sidekick along on this journey.

Dash and Sophie had such an immediate connection that felt so effortless. I loved sinking into the ease between them. It was comforting and sweet. You know, before it gets real steamy ;)

The friends-with-benefits setup was perfection because we could see clearly how head over heels they already were. There's nothing better than watching two dummies lie to themselves as they get in deeper and deeper.

Such a fun read with tons of banter and shenanigans!

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