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Georgie, All Along: Book Review

Georgie, All Along was an absolute delight!

Kate Clayborn's writing, as always, is so easy to get swept away by. Georgie was such a relatable character, coming back to her hometown after a layoff, and searching for that ethereal *something* to give direction to her future.

I loved how she found her old journal and made a bucket list of sorts to complete the things she never did in high school. And then there's Levi - so closed off to the world and also desperately wanting a deep connection. Together these two were 🔥, but also so clearly perfect for each other, truly understanding each other's fears and insecurities and building each other up. The romance was so believable and lovely, funny and deep.

Georgie, All Along tapped into that desire to feel as self-assured as our past, younger selves, and I highly recommend it! Thanks to NetGalley and Kate Clayborn for an advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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