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Tilly in Technicolor: Book Review

Wow. Mazey Eddings' YA debut was absolutely as vibrant and sparkling as the cover that first hooked me.

Tilly and Oliver are complete opposites. She's a force of nature and he wants everything planned and ordered.

They both intern for Tilly's older sister and her business partner's nail polish company and spend the summer traveling around Europe trying to win over buyers and small boutiques. The gorgeous settings across Europe were so well done and one of my favorite pieces of this story. But I also loved how the overwhelming cities forced Tilly and Oliver to discuss their neurodiversity to each other and begin to rely on each other and forge a deep connection that neither one had really found before.

I also loved the way they both relate to the world through their passions. Tilly is a writer and is very vulnerable about her ADHD through blogging and connects to readers effortlessly. Oliver is passionate about color and photography and has an amazing social media platform where he forges relationships online.

But the best parts of this story were the characters and their relationship. The romance was so sweet and heartfelt.

I loved Tilly and I would absolutely fan cast Millie Bobby Brown to play her in a movie. She's so full of life and excitement and such a vulnerable character that made her easy to relate to and root for.

Oliver's character also blew me away. He's a bit closed off at the beginning - he has the people he's close to and has trouble connecting deeply with others. But as he begins to care for Tilly, he really starts to shine. Guys, he calls her a freaking prism at one point. He totally captured my heart!

Five stars from me!

Thank you to NetGalley and Mazey Eddings for an advance review copy in exchange for my honest review.

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