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Meet Addie and Logan

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Globetrotting travel consultant Addie Macrae envisions a fantasy life in every new city she visits, one where she doesn’t think about the home she lost after her mom passed. Unfortunately, nothing about her new project is a dream…except the owner in a kilt. She knows exactly how to save his sightseeing company—did somebody say Outlander Tour? He would rather jump in the North Sea than allow it, but Addie won’t jeopardize her fledgling firm that feels like home so he can chase “authenticity” over dollars.

Rugged as the land he loves, Scottish tour operator Logan Sutherland’s greatest joy is knowing someone carries a piece of his world in their hearts when they leave. He isn't handing over the reins of his family's business to anyone, least of all a tartan-drunk American his father hired. No matter how dire their financial straits, sacrificing the off-the-beaten-path itineraries of his childhood for big castles and TikTok fodder is out of the question. He has a legacy to uphold.

As they battle for control, Addie agrees to join Logan’s Highland tour, on one condition: if she doesn’t feel the magic, he’ll yield to her strategy—even take tourists sailing to find Nessie himself. But Logan’s gift for connecting people with the rolling hills and ancient legends of his land make it too easy for Addie to fall in love with Logan and his vision. With her job on the line, Addie must choose—rip up the roots she’s started to put down and head off on her next assignment, or embrace Logan’s love and the home that might just rival the one she lost.

Logan’s voice rose and fell in deep waves.
She wasn’t just eavesdropping, she was kid-around-a-campfire captivated.
His eyes blazed into Addie's as if she was the beautiful woman on the beach and her temperature spiked for the first time since she arrived in Scotland.

Her wavy blonde hair was windblown and damp from the rain, and she stood with her shoulders thrown back in a confident stance.
Those dark, wistful eyes conjured to his mind a selkie, the seal folk, a beautiful creature of ancient legend rising from the sea.
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