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Alexandra Kiley writes big-hearted contemporary romances full of banter, found-family, and deep love, set in the sweeping landscapes of Scotland.


"With her delightfully entertaining, richly layered debut, Kiley not only delivers all the romantic heart, sexy heat, and quippy banter romance readers crave; she also deftly captures and conveys the magical appeal of Scotland as well as quietly yet powerfully exploring the grieving process one can go through after losing a loved one."

—Booklist (Starred Review)

The trip of a lifetime, coming March 5th, 2024

Kilt Trip


Globetrotter Addie Macrae always follows her wanderlust. As a travel consultant, she jet sets around the world—anywhere but Scotland. But when she’s sent on assignment to help a struggling family-run tour company in the Highlands—and save her own job—Addie packs away her emotional baggage and turns on the professional charm.


Rugged as the land he loves, Logan Sutherland’s greatest joy is sharing the beauty of Scotland’s hidden gems…even if it means a wee bit of red ink on the company’s bottom line. The last thing Logan wants is some American “expert” pushing tourist traps and perpetuating myths about the Loch Ness Monster—especially when Addie never leaves her desk to experience the country for herself.


As they wage an office war, Logan discovers Addie’s secret connection to Scotland: a handful of faded Polaroids of her late mother. Hoping for a truce, he creates a private tour to the places in the pictures to help Addie find closure and appreciate the enchantment in less-traveled destinations, never expecting the off-limits attraction sparking between them. But Addie’s contract is almost up, and magic won’t pay the bills. They can’t afford distractions, but how can Addie do her job if she hasn’t explored all Scotland—and Logan—have to offer?

The trip of a lifetime, coming March 5th, 2024

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Scot and Bothered


Aspiring writer Brooke Sinclair dreams of seeing her words in print, so when her ailing mentor asks her to co-write her memoir, she jumps at the chance.


Her insistence that Brooke hike the rugged, eighty-mile Skye Trail for authenticity’s sake is the least of her worries—the photographer she hired is none other than Jack Sutherland, the TA who broke Brooke's heart. But she won’t let Jack stand in the way of reaching her dreams a second time.

Jack and Brooke set off on the Skye Trail, facing inclement weather, indignant hairy coos, and years of unspoken hurts. In the solitude of the sweeping Scottish landscape, the cozy inns and the heat of whisky around the campfire, Brooke and Jack are forced to confront the roles they played in their break-up—and ask themselves if a second chance at love is worth the risk of picking up the pieces all over again.

“Then catch the moments as they fly, and use them as ye ought, man. Believe me, happiness is shy, and comes not ay when sought, man.”

Robert Burns

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