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A Sweet Sting of Salt: Book Review

I have always been intrigued by the Scottish lore around the Selkie Wife, and this sapphic retelling was fantastic. Sutherland's writing is ethereal and magnetic. The setting in Nova Scotia along the coast in a small town in the 1800s was so enchanting and immersive.

I adored the characters and the sense of isolation and desperation Sutherland conjured. I was rooting for Jean and Muirin's love story while also fearing for the consequences and the escalating threat of Muirin's husband.

The secondary cast was also lovely and I loved the aspect of found family and community in this story. And the way the Scottish lore was woven in so subtly over the course of the story was so well done and I was both wanting to rush to the end to find out what happened and also linger in the brilliant storytelling.

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